How can we prove that we are all pulling together and that our coordinators can make decisions responsibly, independently and with ease? We named our values. They are a compass for us that helps us to move in the direction that we want to go and to feel good about it - both individually and together as one organisation.

1. Planting with overlap

We connect, support, inspire and lead by example. We connect companies, municipalities, individuals, schools, clubs, disadvantaged groups, families, etc. People that otherwise don't have many opportunities to connect. We connect generations and together with children and adults we work to strengthen and renew our relationships with nature. We support people's ecological mindset and inspire waste-free planting.


We have solid foundations and a background in the form of clearly defined functioning, processes and sources of information. And we rely on the professional and managerial professionalism of our team. Continuous development is key for us - we use internal and external courses and feedback, and learn from our own good practice and mistakes. We pride ourselves on professional communication that supports long-term relationships and trust. We take good care of relationships not only outside the organisation, but also inside it - work and results are just as important as a good atmosphere and a team in which a person feels good and likes being a part of it.

Sázení stromů s úsměvem

3. Meaningfulness

We are not afraid to make independent (even non-standard) decisions if they make sense and we have a clear conscience and a good feeling. Municipalities and companies are equal partners to us - we feel free to say no in negotiations. What we agree on goes, or we announce changes in good time. Our intentions are primarily ecological - this comes before everything else. Money is important, but ecological matters are more important. We operate regionally, striving to minimise our carbon footprint wherever we can. Efficiency is important to us - resolving things, but not getting bogged down and staying on top of things.



We care about trust both inside Sázíme stromy and outside. What we say, we do, and we can rely on each other. We adhere to a respectful, partner-like approach and actively resolve any potential conflicts. Transparency is important to us. We answer all questions openly and keep nothing secret. We are open to new ideas, no matter where they come from. If we don't like something or have a bad feeling about it, we talk about it. We do not pretend to be anything that we are not. Anybody who truly wants to can join our organisation.

Strom v krajině

5. Simplicity

We look for the simplest effective solution in everything we do. We respect the minimum (necessary) paperwork for ourselves, companies and municipalities. But we won’t break things over our knee and push for results at any cost. If an agreement with anyone becomes complicated, we will find another solution or shake hands and terminate the relationship. Stomis, our information system, where we share all information and connections, helps us with simplicity and transparency throughout the country.



We love nature, ourselves and trees. Our joy and love of nature is passed on through planting with volunteers. We want our work to be fun and enjoyable, and we want to show people a positive way to help the planet. We are grateful to those who join us on our journey for their cooperation, enthusiasm and energy. We enjoy planting trees. Joy is just as important to us as a job well done.


Where next

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