At first it looked like the typical story – study, a multinational company and career. But then the children came and it started to dawn on me that this is not the way, that this is definitely not my calling here in this world. I love fresh air and pure nature. I want to help and protect it and I want other people to feel the same. But what should I do? I asked myself. While I was on maternity leave, I did training in biosynthesis psychotherapy and training in coaching. I was strongly drawn in this direction, but I couldn’t get used to the idea of being a therapist and sitting in a room doing it. Then I got the opportunity to participate in garden therapy training organised by the EU in Austria. There, everything slowly started to come together. I realised that I’m happy in nature and that I can be myself there. So yes, therapy in nature! But how could I interest people in this therapy? And ideally full buses of people! At that point it wasn’t very clear to me :-)

….She said that she was a landscaper, that trees were her passion and that we would plant them. And that’s how it all began.

Martina Pavelkováfounder Sázíme stromy


Establishment of the Club of Participating Municipalities New interactive websiteSharing know-how with colleagues in SR We are the guarantor of Tipsport grantsVideo about our work made by a professional team Modernization of the websiteDevelopment of stromis Establishment of a tree core team Targeted zero-waste planting efforts Signing up to teal organisations Website translation into EnglishFirst regular internal training session Creation of the Coordinator's AlmanacNaming the values of our organisationCreation of the planting documents in English The emergence of the role of quality guarantorIntroduction of the Planting Trees Standards10 000 trees already plantedWidespread introduction of post-planting care checks20 000 trees already planted Turnover above 10 million for the first time 20172018 2020 2022 2019 2021 2023 First foreign grant Making a video for 1% FTP in the Czech RepublicSpeakers at the Responsible Business Conference Foundation Planting trees The first 100 trees We are part of the 1% for the planet First big multinational clients1000 trees plantedMembership in the community 2014 2016 2015

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