,,Trees transcend us with their wisdom”

If you want to plant trees and shrubs in your village and you are willing to take care of them, but because of finances, organizing or other reasons, you can't? Then we are looking for you. We are continuously searching for suitable sites for planting. Tell us about you. Alternatively, you can support our work by joining the Club of Participating Municipalities.

Club of Participating Municipalities

,,We need nature, as well as
nature needs us.”

The club of participating municipalities is a club for municipalities that have planted or want to plant with us (or they just want to support us) and will contribute a small annual amount to our operating costs. Companies usually like to fund trees, shrubs and planting events. Obtaining funds for operating costs is significantly more difficult for us. However, this is essential for our long-term stability and for us to continue working effectively.

Smyslem Klubu zapojených obcí je vyjádřit sympatii a podporu naší neziskovce tím, že drobnou částkou podpoří naši provozní činnost pro daný rok. Zapojeným obcím umisťujeme logo a odkaz na naše webové stránky a snažíme se vyjít přednostně vstříc v případě, že chtějí v obci vysadit další zeleň.

Specific use of the funding:

Purchase and maintenance of tools

Training of new colleagues

Communication with municipalities and search for new locations.

Remuneration for landscape professionals (architects)

We are glad for any amount of support. On average, the participating municipalities donate CZK 5.000 per year.

Joining the Club is non-binding, the municipality decides every year whether it wants to continue to support us or if it will terminate its membership in the Club. The form of support usually takes place on the basis of a concluded Donation Agreement.

We try to meet the involved municipalities as a priority, in case they want to plant more greenery in their municipality.

2000 CZK


5000 CZK


10 000 CZK


Kopání díry


Companies continuously contact us with the knowledge that they want to support the planting of trees and shrubs, and we look for a suitable location among the municipalities based on the approximate ideas and the extent of planting. If we know about you, then trees and shrubs will reach you faster.

If the village does not have a clear idea of where they want to plant at a site, we can solve this with help from a landscape professional (architect) so that the trees and shrubs fit well into the local landscape.

So far, we have planted in all the locations that we have agreed upon with the municipalities in advance.

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WHAT YOU GET BY joining the Club of Participating Municipalities

  • Trees with minimal or zero financial involvement
  • Value of Life for the next decade
  • We will provide all the materials and trees. Then transport everything needed to the location and plant with the volunteers
  • If you are interested we advise you on which woody plants are suitable for a given location
  • Trees and shrubs become the property of the municipality after planting


  • Ensuring watering on the day of planting
  • Commitment to take care of the trees - we sign a Commitment for the aftercare with the municipalities
  • At the beginning of the planting, we advise for the representative to participate
  • If the client (donor) is interested, provide wood for a campfire and grilling
  • If necessary, some simple changes of the site before planting


  • Above-standard services of a professional gardening company
  • Very high trees - most often we plant a 1.5 m to 2.5 m high tree with a stake, or a 2.5 m to 3.5 m high tree with two or three stakes
  • Bred cultivars - we plant mainly original woody plants
  • Follow-up care and service - this responsibility is taken over by the municipality