,,Loam, trees, work ...
it gives us energy”

There are many different ways to get involved with us. We would be grateful if you mention us to someone who might be interested in tree-planting. We would be even happier if you get involved in the planting yourself or buying a gift certificate for loved ones. Finally, if you speak Czech or find way how to help us as an English speaker, we would be thrilled if you could join our team of coordinators.

Come help with planting

For selected plantings, we might look for volunteers who will be able to help us with the planting of the trees and shrubs. In the beginning of the event, we always provide an introduction to using and working with the work tools. So you don't have to come equipped with the knowledge of how to use a spade or a shovel. Choose a date and location from the list below then please contact the coordinator by phone or email and together agree on the details of your participation. We look forward to meeting you!

Dobrovolníci při sázení
Currently we don't have any planned plantings where we are looking for volunteers.

Join our team

,,Planting trees makes
sense to us”

If you enjoy tree planting and feel like joining our team , contact us! Everybody is welcome no matter what experience, it's up to you to what extent you want to get involved.

However, this is not a full-time job. It is a job suitable as a complementary activity. The scope of work depends on the agreement and the extent to which you want to participate - you can be in charge of the whole planting, if you speak Czech (finding a suitable location, dealing with municipalities, communicating with companies, securing trees, organization on the day of planting) or someone in the team will take care of preparation and you will ensure the implementation on site. There is also no need to be an experienced gardener or botanist - we will teach you practical things and fellow landscapers will help with professional part of work. If you are tempted to try it or you want to meet us and find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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You enjoy tree planting, but you don't have time to get actively involved? Support us financially. Any regular monthly amount will help us. We will use the money to purchase and maintain the tools needed for planting trees, to ensure the long-term stability of our organization and to continue working effectively – looking for new places for planting, the remuneration of landscape professionals, training of new colleagues or PR - informing municipalities, schools and companies about our work. We will be happy for any regular support. Thank you in advance.

150 CZK


250 CZK


500 CZK



A gift certificate

Do you have friends getting married? Do any of your close friends or family celebrate a birthday? Are you looking for a genuine gift, but with a real value? Why not donate a tree? Depending on the size of the tree, the gift certificate is worth CZK 1,800 or 2,500. It's up to you whether you give the certificate to someone or just keep for yourself by donating a tree. When we receive the donation, we will send you the certificate in electronic form. We will plant the donated tree during the following year and send a photo and GPS coordinates of it to each certificate holder. We can send the certificate in English or make a special Christmas version as well.


1 800 CZK

will fund and grow a tree of 1,5 až 2,5 metres high, held by a stake

2 500 CZK

will fund and grow a tree of 2,5 až 3,5 metres high, held by 3 stakes

Sázení keřů

I want to donate a shrub

Shrubs are an integral part of the landscape, but a little less appreciated by public so far. That's probably why it's harder to gain money to plant bushes, but it wouldn't be possible without them! Shrubs also significantly complement tree plantings, they form the middle plant layer. Preparing a microclimate for trees to grow in places that would otherwise be difficult due to external conditions. They can also be planted where tree planting is not possible. Some shrubs almost equal the size of trees, as they grow. In addition, they are also cheaper and therefore more affordable. So an option for those who would like to donate a smaller amount than needed for a tree. We will be happy if donate a shrub. Thank you in advance.

300 CZK

one shrub

900 CZK

3 shrubs

1 500 CZK

5 keřů


Shopping at GIVT.CZ

We have joined the GIVT project, which supports non-profit organizations. You can support us with every purchase in the e-shop, if you make it through the GIVT portal. The promised percentage of the amount paid when purchasing in the e-shop is donated by the store to a non-profit organization. In advance, in the list of participating shops, you can find out, what percentage of the purchase goes to our organization.


Natural persons (including employees) may deduct the value of the donation their end of year tax form if their total value in the tax period exceeds 2% of the tax base or is at least CZK 1,000. In total, a maximum of 15% can be deducted from the tax base.
Self-employed individuals (OSVČ) can claim the deduction of their donation in their end of year tax form. Employees whose tax compensation is processed by the employer will submit a confirmation of the donation to their payroll accountant.