,,We enjoy how everyone „is shining“
after planting”

There are more ways for you to get involved. You can donate money to plant trees and shrubs, as well as actively participate in planting with colleagues. Or it is possible to donate trees and shrubs to your business partners or employees as a gift.


,,We enjoy the good feeling
after tree planting”

If you and your colleagues want to spend time together on a meaningful activity, come and plant with us and try "garden therapy" yourself. You will spend the day in the fresh air, you will get to experience something new and different. You will get directly in contact with the soil, the ground and maybe you’ll even sweat a little. The vast majority of people when leaving tree planting do so with a good feeling, a smile on their face and a determination to repeat the act as soon as possible.

How does planting work? >

Good deed


A day spent in nature

If you are interested in tree planting, contact us and let us know at which location you would like to plant, how many people will participate and the budget you have for your whole event. Or let us know the number of trees and shrubs you would like to plant and we will get in touch with you.

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Kopání díry


If you do not want to plant trees yourself, but you would like to do something good for the trees and for nature you can support tree planting financially. We will gladly use your donation in regions where there are fewer companies located and therefore less demand for tree planting team-building events. Mayors and people from these municipalities are especially grateful for the donations. Immediately after the planting, we would send you photos and a report on how the whole event was carried out.

9 000 CZK

will fund and grow 5 trees
1,5-2,5 metres high

18 000 CZK

will fund and grow 10 trees
1,5-2,5 metres high

25 000 CZK

will fund and grow 10 trees
2,5-3,5 metres high



,,We care about
what our children live in”

Gaining money for tree planting can sometimes be difficult. To secure the operating costs, such as purchasing tools or training new colleagues, is even more challenging. However, these resources are essential for our long-term stability and for us to continue working effectively.

Specific use of funding:

Purchase and maintenance of tools

Training of new colleagues

Communication with municipalities and search for new locations.

Remuneration for landscape professionals (architects)

Long-term cooperation with us is non-binding, you can support us with any amount, monthly or annually. You decide whether you’ll continue supporting us in the future. With all donating companies we sign a “Donation Agreement” together.

500 CZK


900 CZK


1 500 CZK







If you are looking for an unconventional and, above all, a meaningful gift for your business partners or employees, why not donate a tree? Depending on the size of the tree, the gift certificate will be worth 1,800 or 2,500 CZK. We will send you the certificate in an electronic form and we will plant the donated trees during the following year. Once planted, we will send a photo and the GPS location of their tree to each certificate owner. We are also able to send the certificate in English or as a Christmas certificate.


1 800 CZK

will fund and grow a tree of 1,5 až 2,5 metres high, held by a stake

2 500 CZK

will fund and grow a tree of 2,5 až 3,5 metres high, held by 3 stakes

What you get by joining us

  • Raising your social profile
  • A good feeling that the company not only uses nature and its resources, but also can return something to the environment
  • Extension of your CSR (Company Social Responsbility) program
  • Tax benefits >
  • Strengthening relationships through shared experiences
  • Leave behind lasting natural value
  • Usefulness for the local community
  • Information sign containing your logo at the planting location
  • Logo and link on our website
  • Planting information with a link to you on FB
  • An unconventional gift for business partners
  • Photo documentation from the event