"Values are our compass."

How can we prove that we are all pulling together and that our coordinators can make responsible, independent and easy decisions? We have named our values. They are the compass that allows us to go where we want to go and feel good about it - both individually and together as an organisation.

1. Planting with overlap

We connect the seemingly unconnected, we support people and companies, we inspire, we set an example. We CONNECT companies with municipalities, individuals, schools, associations, disadvantaged groups or families... sectors that otherwise don't have many opportunities to connect. We connect generations, we teach children (and adults) to make a relationship to nature, we restore the broken roots of coexistence with nature. We promote people's ecological mindset, we strive for zero-waste planting. WE INSPIRE people to shop to cloth bags or give meaningful gifts.

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2. Joy and love

We love nature, ourselves and trees. We share and pass on the joy and love of nature through planting with volunteers. We want our work to be fun and enjoyable, and we also want to show people how to help the planet in a positive way. We enjoy planting, the joy is as important to us as a job well done.

Sázení stromů s úsměvem

3. Simplicity

We look for the simplest, most effective solutions in everything we do. We value minimal (necessary) administration for us, companies and municipalities. We don't push for results too far. If an arrangement with anyone gets complicated, we will find another solution or say thank you and end the cooperation. Our information system called Stromis, where we share all information and context, helps us a lot to stay simple and transparent operating all over the country.


4. Responsibility, meaningfulness

We are not afraid to make an independent decision if it makes sense and we have a clear conscience and a good feeling in front of everyone. Municipalities and companies are equal partners for us - we feel free to say "no" in negotiations. What we agree is what applies, and any possible changes we report in advance. The intention is primarily ecological - we subordinate everything else to this; finances are important, but ecological sense always stands above them. We operate regionally wherever possible, striving for a minimum CO2 load.


5. Openness

Internally and externally the Sázíme stromy, z.ú. communication is open and transparent. We openly answer any questions, nothing is secret. We are open to new suggestions whoever they come from. If we don't like something or have a bad feeling about something, we say it out loud. We don't make ourselves out to be different than we are. Anyone who really wants to get involved with us has a chance to do it.

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Where to go next

You can find out more about us and how we work on our website:

If you match and you'd like to get involved, just choose if you're in the role firmy, obce or jednotlivce. Or get in touch ozvěte to discuss other options.